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Green Field

About Evolution Growers

Our Company
  • Locally owned and operated

  • A solution to threats to our food security due to pandemic issues and border closures

  • A central organization that provides market support to other suppliers 

  • A large food service market to supply retail

  • An opportunity in a market that has significant growth potential (Source: Saskatchewan Irrigated Vegetable Crop Competitive Analysis Report, 2005)

Employment Opportunities
  • Form appropriate partnerships, not necessarily monetary, to  help leverage market entry. 

  • We plan to break ground in Spring 2021.

  • Engage Southeast Regional College once the partnerships are in place and the funding is secured.

  • Work within the appropriate partnerships to involve other producers as soon as we have confirmed supports in place. 

Environment & Sustainability
Image by Joshua Lanzarini
  • An opportunity to create sustainable economic development 

  • A plan consistent with government priorities according to Saskatchewan's Growth Plan. 

  • A partial solution to labor shortages due to the transition from coal 

  • A potential market distribution point for other suppliers

  • An opportunity for First Nations and Indigenous communities   

  • Evolution is strongly committed to environmental stewardship and responsibility

  • Our operations will be powered by renewable energy sources, primarily innovative geothermal technologies

  • Evolution is committed to accomplishing its socio-economic goals related to inclusivity, diversity, and Indigenous reconciliation. 

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